Bee Venom Therapy Begins with a Sting and a Yelp

Yesterday was my first sting day (July 12, 2015), and it went well.  Nervous and excited.  Forgot to bring the ice.  Beekeeper was fabulous (he stung me).  His apiary has at least twenty hives and thousands upon thousands of bees.  Listening to the hum was meditative and watching them traveling high in the sky to and from and around their hives was mesmerizing, relaxing.  I saved two bees from drowning in their drinking water, one bee scurrying nonstop on a cork like a lumberjack in a log rolling contest.  The bees were gentle and did just what we asked of them.  I got a good look at the underside of a bee, the stinger runs along the midline of the abdomen, retracted in “storage” until used for stinging.

Test sting & one therapeutic sting, at this, my very first apitherapy session.  Done.  Red welts, a bit of red/pink horizontal “brush strokes”  called “banding.” A very good sign.  Yes, the stings burn like a bitch.  But it’s so much better than living day to day in this chronic hell.  Two hours after my test sting, my ears were ringing at a moderate level.  Reminds me of my inflammation flares, when my tinnitus acts up.  So it makes me wonder whether this is inflammation ramping up temporarily to process the bee venom introduced today.  I do hope it’s temporary.  If my tinnitus ever becomes permanent, I will go certifiably insane.

The next day I was able to properly wake up. BING! My eyes are open!  Not groggy, dragging through what I “should” be doing in the mornings, like it has been for years.  And I pooped a lovely, beautiful, perfect poop in the morning.  It was like the poops the day after the nutritional IVs (Meyers Cocktail) I used to get.

So, my leaky gut issues might actually heal.  Do you hear that people?  That poop right there, that’s the SOUND OF HOPE.


Bee Venom Therapy Begins with a Sting and a Yelp

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