Spring Cleaning


Ah, Spring Cleaning.  The work, the deep clean… the results.  I don’t do a deep clean specifically every Spring, but this year my 5 year old seems keen on the idea.  If he’s into it, I’m into it.  Did I ever tell you about my fiasco of an experience hiring a company to clean my house last year?  I am definitely open to deep cleaning my own house, just not by a cleaning company ever again!  Since my energy levels are much better after starting to heal through BVT (Bee Venom Therapy), it’s tempting to jump the gun and do too much at once.  Must. Control. Myself.

The sun is shining today, it’s exceptionally warm for what is still Winter in Wisconsin.  My God, the tulips that don’t normally bloom until mid to late May are already poking up an inch above the ground!  The signs of Spring are here, loud and clear.

That brings me to the seasonal task of spring cleaning.

I have an awful habit of satisfying my urge to deep clean not by tidying communal rooms like the living room or bathroom, but by emptying out dresser drawers and kitchen cabinets.  I have no idea why I go deep and start over in places with doors, the places that can easily be hidden away.  But I do.  Maybe it’s a spiritual parallel — I may look like a hot mess with bed head, no makeup, clothes that don’t match on a color wheel from Mars…  but my insides are constantly being worked on, and deep work.

Welcome to my deepest, darkest drawer…  my medicine cabinet.bento box3

It’s really a bento box with these cool little modular compartments that pop out to attention when asked, and tuck away neatly when coaxed.  So sweet.  I keep my meds in here.  This box measures  approximately 6″ x 11″.  For the sake of disclosure, this is not my main box of medications and supplements; this is one of two boxes of EXTRA meds.

Since my list of daily supplements and meds has shifted since meeting with my doc a few days ago, it was time to revamp the box.

I dumped out every bottle I had — lord is it overwhelming.  I delicately wiped the inner fabric clean of all dust, random bits of my kiddo’s glitter and one kitty’s shedded claw (how, HOW did that get in there?!)  I wiped with love, because this box is sacred.  These supplements are building me up.  Building up a body that has been nibbled and picked at for too long by a rough combination of viral, fungal, parasitic and multiple bacterial infections.  MY CELLS CALLED AND WANT THEIR MICRONUTRIENTS BACK, OKAY LYME, GOT IT?! *slams the phone down*

bento box1Here is the big box.

It measures 12″ x 12″ — my main box of meds and supplements I take every day.  When I was first diagnosed with Lyme Disease, I took almost twice as many different items to build up my depletions, and this box could not contain them all.  Now there is a little wiggle room between these bottles.  Every half inch of space is a little sigh of relief from me.  Who would have ever thought that my big Spring milestone would be being able to shake, shake, shake those bottles around in the box!

THIS was my Spring Cleaning.

It doesn’t have to be much, but the deep cleaning is always worth it.

Wishing you sunshine and bird songs in your lives, my friends —  and the sweet release of deep cleaning even the smallest thing.



Spring Cleaning

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