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Friends, I have been away for far too long.  I wrote some posts in draft form and didn’t come back to them.

I have been with the bees. Over the winter, I have been feeling some relief and returning to some of my responsibilities. Excited to do it, so my focus was there. But all those updates for you on how my bee venom therapy has been going since July 2015, well, they were on hold. Just drafts.

I’m back to blogging again and will post them all. Sorry I left you in the lurch.  The thrust of it all is that BVT is working for me. What started out with one test sting last July, is now 11 stings, 3 times per week along either side of my spine. When special health situations arise, I sting in a way that targets the troubled area. I am still following the detox protocol on non-sting days. In fact, I am typing this to you while in the tub, having my usual bath with hydrogen peroxide and epsom salts. Ahhhhh.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

I love that you are still with me as I journey down this road lined with many, many beehives!  All the rest I will fill you in on, post by post.




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Sting Session #3

2 stings to the lower back
Stung twice

This is my first time returning to the lower back. This photo was taken about about 5 minutes after stinging, showing some redness.

I do think I’m seeing subtle changes in certain symptoms the day after stinging… time will tell.

After the stingers were removed, the redness filled in more of the space over the spine à la “connect the dots.”

Today’s stinging session has made me suuuuuuuuuuper tired. Good night all!

Sting Session #3

Sting Session #2

On July 12, 2015 I asked to be stung by honey bees.

Two days later, I came back.

More stings, please.


In the words of Oliver Twist:  

          Please Sir, may I have some more?

What? What? What? Wants some MORE?!

Today was my first time stinging the upper back. I have studied spine charts trying to learn which thoracic vertebrae and nerve pathways we are stinging each time, but it’s not gelling in my brain.  No idea which vertebrae we matched up with but the good news is that I didn’t even feel the stinger go in on the left side!

Definitely felt the venom traveling vertically on the left side, as soon as the stinger was in. Nothing was visible but I could feel very clearly where the sensation was traveling. And some “Oooooo, there’s the burn” 5 minutes after being stung.

Sooooooooooo much easier than the first sting session.

One sting on either side of the spine
                                                     One sting on either side of the spine
Sting Session #2

Sting Session #1

Today (July 12, 2015) I began apitherapy.

This is what I saw when I pulled into the beekeeper’s place and all my anxiety on the drive down, my forgetting the gel ice pack, all that unknowing —  just melted away.  These signs — made me smile.  These signs told me I was on the right track with this apitherapy thang:

Welcome to the Apiary.  You're in the right place.
              Welcome to the Apiary. You’re in the right place.

After selecting two female honey bees and securing them on locking tweezers, we got started.  One test sting on the left, and one therapeutic sting on the right. You can see the area left of my spine has a less pronounced welt. That stinger was taken out immediately after the honey bee stung me, then we waited 30 minutes to be sure there was no anaphalactic reaction. We tested on the left side, per Amber Rose’s Lyme Disease Protocol because patients should place their test stings of the opposite side of their dominant (handwriting, grasping, holding) hand. Also per Amber Rose’s protocol, safety measures were in place in the event of the rare chance of anaphalaxis.
After we were sure it was safe to proceed, the second sting was placed to the right of the spine and left in for 20 minutes.  When the time was up, the stinger was removed and we were done for the day!  Easy peasy.  Here’s what my back looked like during the very first session:

Two bee stings shown in lumbar area on either side of the spine
One of each: a test sting and a therapeutic sting

Annnnnnnd we’re off!!

Start runnin’ Lyme ’cause the bees are gonna make you my bitch!

Sting Session #1